Sunday, 1 March 2009

Straightforward Pre-intermediate Speaking 1-10 (Final)

Talk about the topic, answer these questions

Did you like your school? What did you like/dislike about it most? Did you go to a mixed-sex or single-sex school? Did you go to a private school or a state school? What subjects were you most interested in at school? Did you always use to do your homework on time? What did you use to do in the school holidays? What sports did you use to do at school? Did you like your headteacher? Which teacher were you most fond of?

Where do you live? Were you born in this town/city? Who do you live with? How many people are there in your family? What are their names? What kind of things does your family do at the weekend? What are your hobbies? When was your last family holiday? What are your neighbours like? How often do you speak to your neighbours?

Can you tell me about a wedding you have been to? Who were the bride and groom? Did the ceremony take place in a church or a registry office? How many guests were there? Who were they? Was there a wedding reception? What did you eat and drink at the reception? Did anyone make a speech? What did they say? Did the bride and groom go on a honeymoon? Where did they go? Did you enjoy the wedding? Why/Why not?

What kind of food do you like? Would you describe yourself as a ‘foodie’? Who cooks the meals in your house? Do you like cooking? What kind of dishes can you cook? Do you have a favourite restaurant or fast food chain? What do you like eating and drinking there? Can you describe your best or your worst experience in a restaurant? What traditional foods are there in your country?

What are your favourite programmes on TV? What is your favourite kind of TV programme? Do you like reality TV programmes? Why/Why not? What was the last film you saw at the cinema? What did you think of the film? How often do you go to the cinema? What’s your favourite film of all time? Who is your favourite actor/actress? Have you always been a fan of him/her?

Have you ever had a job? Is/Was it full-time or part-time? Is/Was it well-paid? What do/did you like/dislike most about it? What kind of job would you most like to do in the future? What is important for you in a job? In your opinion, what are the best and worst jobs in your country? In your opinion, what jobs will be the best jobs to have in the future? Would you like to start your own business?

Part 2A: Roleplay
I’m going to describe a situation to you.

You are having a weekend break at a hotel in Las Vegas. There are some problems with your room. Look at the list below and make requests to the hotel manager. :There’s no water in the minibar. There’s no toilet paper in the bathroom. It is very cold in the room. You want to send an email. You want some fresh flowers in your room. The person in the next room has the TV on very loudly.

You have one minute to think about your questions. Here are some phrases to help you.

Requests: I’d like a / some… I’d like to… Can / Could I…? I wonder if I / you could …? Can / Could you …?

Part 2B
It is your first day at a new school. You are going to ask your teacher for some information about the school. Ask about some of the following: the language laboratory, the social activities. the timetable, the lessons, the cafeteria, the number of students in each class, the subjects, the school term

You have one minute to think about your questions. Here are some phrases to help you.

Asking for information
Could I have some information about …? What time do / does …? What time is / are …?
How long do / does …? Do you have a …? Is there a …? Are there any …? How many … are there?